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Chava Pelo Salon is proud to offer Pelindaba Lavendar to our clients. As expert Pelindaba Lavendar specialists, we strive to deliver the best products and services in the Milpitas, CA area. Our decision to offer Pelindaba Lavendar to our valued customers is part of this commitment.

Pelindaba Lavender is a premier grower of lavender plants, distiller of lavender essential oils and handcrafter of lavender products.

We are committed to using only our own organically grown and certified lavender flowers in all our products. Following the same ethos, we also distill all our essential oil ourselves, in our own on-site distillery, and from our own flowers, thereby retaining intimate knowledge and control over all that goes into our products.

We are committed to handcrafting our products ourselves on-site. This not only helps assure their quality, but also, by tapping into the abundance of local artisan creativity, allows us to readily sustain our long-standing reputation for bringing elegantly designed and effective lavender products to a discerning public.